Acid Peels

For those that struggle with the embarrassment of acne, an acid peel, also known as a chemical peel, may be the answer to their skin problems. There are different strengths of acid peels for different types of skin problems. If you are considering this method of skin improvement you will want to consult an esthetician or your dermatologist. They will be able to properly assess your skin and determine the best course of action for you to take.

When getting an acid peel you should schedule it for a time when you will have a few days to avoid the sun and to let the redness and peeling of the skin resolve. It doesn’t take long, just a few days and you are back out an about with smoother, better looking skin.
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All peels are not equal so ask questions and do a little research. If you are dealing with severe acne and scaring you will need a peel that is somewhat stronger then someone who has light to moderate acne and scaring. You don’t want to over do it.

Some people may need 4 to 5 acid peels spaced a few weeks apart to get the results they want. It is never wise to have more then one or two peels done in a month’s time. Your skin needs adequate time to settle down and heal after each treatment.

There are pros and cons to acid peels just like there are to any remedy. The pros are that there will be a reduction in the size of your pores and as a result, your skin will become smoother. Discolorations as well as light to moderate acne and scaring and fine wrinkles can be reduced or done away with completely with the right kind of peel and the correct regime of skin care. Those with more severe acne and scaring will also have positive results but will more then likely have to have several peels done to achieve the clear skin they desire.

The Cons are that it can be a painful procedure and there may be redness and itching as well as peeling form a few days. You will have to avoid exposure to the sun and be very careful about cleaning and moisturizing your skin. The treatments can get a bit expensive for some of us, especially if it is recommended that several peels be done over a given period of time.

Over all I believe that acid peels are a great treatment option for those that are suffering from acne and scaring. Of course you should have a dermatologist or esthetician help you decide which kind and strength of peel is the best for your skin type. If you have very sensitive skin, you will not want to use a stronger harsher product, but should opt for a lighter peel that will be gentle. You may need to have more treatments then one or two so you will need to use the kind of peel that will give you the best results with the least problems.